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Outrage Over Police Inaction After Brutal Assault of a Kenyan Girl in Albania Joy was found unconcious after reporting being stalked by a casino man

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Albania: Activists Demand Justice Over Attack On Kenyan Girl Joy Aoko. Image from Facebook

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A social media campaign is demanding justice for a 22-year-old Kenyan woman, Joy Aoko, who was brutally assaulted over 3 months ago in Albania’s capital, Tirana. It is reported that Joy was found unconscious near the building where she lived on August 13, and hospital reports showed she had been raped. Joy had earlier reported being stalked by a man only identified as a casino driver.

The 22-year-old Joy Aoko, has been in hospital for three months in a serious condition. Image from Voice of Nigeria https://von.gov.ng/

Members of the civil society and protesters who gathered outside the capital’s Police Directorate on November 20th calling for justice for the migrant woman accused the police of not doing enough.

“This incident happened on August 14 and the police did not notify the citizens. The state police hid the crime. Is this all about racism or are there other reasons?  Covering up a crime is a crime in itself,” said a Lawyer Idajet Beqiri.

Joy Aoko’s mother told Euronews that her daughter had lamented being stalked by a man identified as a casino driver. “She told me that a driver was following her and that he wanted to have a romantic relationship with her, but she didn’t want him,” she explained.

The young woman has been in hospital for three months in a serious condition. Albanian activist Xheni Karaj said “We demand a stronger investigation and demand that the perpetrators are brought to justice. We demand that the institutions pay the bills for her treatment abroad.”

Violence against women is commonplace in the Southeastern European country. According to a 2020 study performed by the Swedish government, UNDP, and UN Women, more than 50% of Albanian women have been victims of some form of “sexual, physical or psychological violence.” In most cases, economic struggles and partner’s perpetration is involved. Additionally, a recent combination of economic struggles


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