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Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis Threatens Safety of Repatriated Ngonso Artifacts Anglophone Cameroon Regions urged to take serious security measures to preserve all traditional and cultural artifacts

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Ngonso Artifact. Image from Peace House CIG Bamenda

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Organizations have raised concerns over the safety of Ngonso Artifacts which are in the process of being repatriated to their country of origin. The West African country has seen decades of conflict and instability, raising doubts over the protection of the priced cultural, heritage, and religious symbols. Local organizations have pointed out the artifacts being stolen again.

One of the most vocal organizations over the issue, Peace House CIG Bamenda in a statement lamented their concern over the ongoing armed conflicts and the safety of the artifacts. “It is very likely that if the Ngonso Artifacts are returned during this current Anglophone Violent Arm Conflict, there is a very high likelihood that they will be stolen again in the same circumstances,” said Jude Nforngang.

Cameroon will be receiving the artifacts which were plundered during the colonial era and ended up in American and European museums and private collections.

“We urge the Nso people and all other Indigenous Royal Palaces of the Anglophone Cameroon Regions to take seriously, security measures on preserving all traditional and cultural artifacts during this war period,” read the statement.
The organization also called upon all people to preserve and protect the traditional and cultural artifacts of the Anglophone Cameroon Regions. The region is said to be currently affected by a raging Anglophone Cameroon violent armed conflict that has indiscriminately affected women and children.


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