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Youth Summit Concludes On High Note, Nobel Laureate Urges Youth to Hold Candle of Compassion  Nobel laureate and social activist #kailashsatyarthi stressed the value of compassion and action plan to promote compassion around the world. “Compassion is Not Just a Feeling,” Satyarthi said in an exclusive interview with WNN.

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Rajasthan (India): A first-ever youth summit on ‘Human Fraternity and Compassion’ in Rajasthan concluded on Monday with a clarion call to globalise compassion and bring positive changes in the world.

At the launch of the first-ever Youth Summit on Human Fraternity and Compassion in Viratnagar, Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi urged Youth to hold candle of compassion to seek change in the world.  He led the candle lighting at Bal Ashram, symbolizing the commitment to ‘Human Fraternity & Compassion’. 

Photo: Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi led the candle lighting at Bal Ashram (ViratNagar, Rajasthan), symbolizing the commitment to ‘Human Fraternity & Compassion’.

“I always kept thinking that what drove me to face so much difficult situations despite several attempts of assault. And finally I found that… it was ‘compassion’. Compassion, due to which we have been successful to influence policy makers”, Nobel Laureate Satyarthi said in an exclusive interview with WNN.

“Compassion has always been talked about, but today it has become a need due to fissures within society and fractures in the world. Those who have gathered here today are part of history for this movement of globalising compassion,” Kailash Satyarthi added.

“For the first time in the world, 500-600 youth have gathered under one roof for global compassion,” Nobel Laureate said.

The summit was launched by Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion (SMGC) in partnership with the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity to bring global thought leaders, youth influencers, pioneers of human fraternity, religious leaders, decision-makers, and change agents at one platform. 

Acknowledging his sentiment, Judge Mohamed Abdelsalam, Secretary-General of the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity, stated a need to establish a link between human fraternity and compassion.

Photo: Judge Mohamed Abdelsalam, Secretary-General of the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity, UAE

He said, “No human being is born with enmity, nor with any innate discrimination and hatred. All religions in the world call for compassion.”

While talking with WNN correspondent Mr. Mohamed Abdelsalam said, “We aspire to advancing these values especially into two important aspects, like ethics and the manners of the global youth community. Through harmonious and interfaith dialogue between different religious communities we can attain great outcomes among human fraternity.” 

Zayed Award for Human Fraternity is an independent global award which celebrates individuals and institutions that break down division in society and strengthen human connection.

However, Liberia’s 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Leymah Gbowee also narrated her own experience and story on compassion when a former child soldier showed her a peaceful and compassionate way to get justice when her village was destroyed.

The inaugural Youth Summit of Human Fraternity and Compassion was a three-day event, held at Viratnagar in Rajasthan.

Dr. M Shahid Siddiqui (PhD), Follow via X (Twitter) @shahidsiddiqui



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